1. ANTA KAI 1 - Black Warrior

    The new "Black Warrior" colorway of the Anta KAI 1, a signature basketball shoe designed for Kyrie Irving under the sports brand Anta. Since Irving joined Anta and his first signature shoe was released, there has been a high level of attention on this model. Despite criticism due to limited stock in the past, each new colorway release continues to attract significant interest.

    The "Black Warrior" colorway of the Anta KAI 1 features a predominantly black upper with minimal white accents, particularly on the Kyrie Irving logo on the tongue of the shoe. The design is described as understated and elegant. In addition to the black colorway, a new silver-white themed color scheme has also been revealed, which is considered to have an even more impressive aesthetic appeal.

    Kyrie Irving himself was spotted wearing the "Black Warrior" colorway during playoff games for the Dallas Mavericks, and the on-court photos show that the shoe has a striking appearance. The midsole of the Anta KAI 1 "Black Warrior" utilizes full-length nitrogen technology and a large carbon fiber plate in the midfoot area, ensuring performance in actual gameplay. The outsole is made of rubber with aggressive tread patterns designed for excellent grip and anti-slip capabilities during play, and it also features a white Kyrie Irving logo that adds to the shoe's visual appeal.

    A hope that this colorway will be produced in larger quantities, so that consumers will not have to scramble to purchase the shoes. Overall, the Anta KAI 1 "Black Warrior" is praised for its standout looks and performance on the court.

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  2. Kyrie Irving X Anta KAI 1- Mother's Day is On Sale

    Kyrie Irving X Anta KAI 1 - Mother's Day is a special edition basketball shoe designed specifically for Mother's Day, drawing its design inspiration from the totem language of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, where Irving's mother was born. This shoe showcases a wealth of cultural elements in its details, including the totem patterns of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe on the eyelets and inner parts of the shoe, as well as the words "MOTHER" on the forefoot strap module and the heel pull tab, all of which echo the theme of Mother's Day.

    Additionally, the exterior of the tongue features an exclusive logo pattern of Kyrie Irving, indicating the identity of the shoe as an exclusive signature model for Kyrie. In terms of performance, the Anta KAI 1 "Mother's Day" colorway employs full-length nitrogen technology and a large carbon fiber plate module to ensure its performance in actual gameplay. The outsole features a rubber material for the sole and a rugged tread design to provide excellent

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  3. ANTA ZAP 1 ESG Basketball Shoes

    After entering the year 2023, Anta has seen a comprehensive explosion in the field of basketball shoes. Not only has it welcomed the addition of Kyrie Irving, but the arrival of new designers such as Da Zhou has also revitalized Anta's mid-range basketball shoe products. Today, Anta has introduced a very noteworthy mid-range new product, which is the pair of Zap 1 ESG versions we will introduce today.

    The Zap 1 ESG version features a brand-new recyclable eco-friendly material design, which not only brings more toughness but also greatly enhances the overall texture of the shoes. The color schemes exposed this time all adopt a variety of color elements on the upper part, and Anta has also adopted a rendering + contrasting color process. The tongue of the Zap 1 ESG version is also designed with Anta's own brand logo pattern.

    It is worth mentioning that the Anta brand logo pattern on this pair of shoes has adopted a brand-new interpretation method, allowing us to see the

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  4. Anta KAI 1 - Mother's Day

    Anta KAI 1 "Mother's Day" colorway basketball shoes are a special edition sneaker launched by the Anta brand to celebrate Mother's Day. Kyrie Irving has already worn this "Mother's Day" colorway basketball shoe in the playoffs against the Los Angeles Clippers, which not only shows his support for the shoe but also proves that it is ready for use in actual gameplay.

    Design Inspiration: The design of the shoe is inspired by Mother's Day. Although specific design details have not been disclosed, the overall design adopts a variety of color elements, including white, blue, red, and yellow.

    Color Matching: The shoe has a white base color with red and blue color blocks on the upper, creating an eye-catching overall visual effect. Player Logo: The tongue of the shoe features Kyrie Irving's exclusive player logo, which is highly recognizable.

    Heel Design: There is a wing-shaped pendant module at the heel, inspired by Kyrie's earrings. However, some opinions suggest that the pendant has a stronger plastic feel.

    Technical Features: The shoe is equipped with full-length nitrogen technology and a midfoot carbon plate module, which is expected to perform well in actual combat.

    This special edition basketball shoe is not only distinctive in design but also reflects the innovation of the Anta brand in technology. Fans and sneaker enthusiasts can look forward to the release of this shoe to show their support for Kyrie Irving and celebrate the special occasion of Mother's Day.

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  5. POP MART x Anta Casual Chunky Sneakers

    ANTA Collaborates with POPMART's Molly for a Unique Sneaker Collection

    ANTA, a leading sportswear brand from China, has teamed up with POPMART, a renowned company known for its collectible toys, to release a special sneaker collection featuring Molly, a popular character from POPMART's lineup. The collaboration brings together the athletic design of ANTA with the playful aesthetic of Molly, resulting in two distinct shoe models: "TV SHOW" and "ART TIME."

    "TV SHOW" Model:

    This model showcases an innovative design where the tongue of the shoe from each foot can be combined to form a complete television set.
    The laces are adorned with Molly-themed charms that are detachable, allowing for a personalized touch.
    The side of the shoe features a playful eyelash design, adding a whimsical element to the overall look.
    "ART TIME" Model:

    Inspired by Molly's "Day of the Week" series, specifically the "ART TIME" theme, this model emphasizes an artistic flair.
    The toe of the shoe is decorated with pearls, and the upper features a frame-like design, with the entire shoe crafted from canvas material to enhance the artistic theme.
    In addition to the unique designs of the shoes, the collection also includes specially designed shoeboxes that reflect the theme of each model—a television-shaped box for "TV SHOW" and a picture frame-shaped box for "ART TIME." These details elevate the shopping experience, making it more than just a purchase but an experience in itself.

    ANTA's collaboration with POPMART's Molly character is a testament to the brand's commitment to innovation and creativity, offering consumers a unique blend of functionality and style. The collection is not just footwear but a wearable piece of art that celebrates the joy of creativity and the spirit of collaboration.

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  6. ANTA C202 5 GT Marathon Running Shoes

    Anta unveiled its new midsole technology called "Anta Nitrogen Technology" at the "Move Forward · Anta Innovation Technology Conference," along with a series of sports products.

    Product Features:

    Dynamic Design: The Anta C202 GT professional marathon running shoes feature a dynamic design with a vibrant volcanic orange color that captures attention. The streamlined shoe body design ensures good sports performance and a comfortable fit.
    Upper Material: The shoes use a Space Fiber lightweight woven upper that offers flexibility and breathability, providing a refreshing wearing experience even during long runs.
    Color Options: In addition to the volcanic orange, there are other stylish color options such as bud green and Anta black, as well as special editions like the "Eclipse" style.
    Technical Advantages:

    Rebound Performance: The midsole has an upper layer with a hardness of 40°, which provides light rebound and excellent sports feedback. The lower layer, with a hardness of 50°, effectively absorbs impact and reduces the risk of sports injuries.
    Lightweight Design: The US size 9 shoe weighs only 212g, allowing the wearer to feel light and agile.
    Durable Anti-deformation: The midsole material is stable, ensuring a consistent sports experience over time.
    Non-slip Outsole: Equipped with a transparent CPU non-slip outsole technology, it enhances durability and provides anti-slip properties for safety during sports activities.
    Future Outlook: Cai Zhiben, General Manager of Anta's Shoe Innovation Management Center, predicts that by 2025, over 75% of Anta's shoe products will use this more environmentally friendly, efficient, and high-performing new midsole technology.

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  7. Anta KAI 1 Playoff Home&Away

    Anta released the "Playoff" edition of Kyrie Irving's signature sneakers just before the NBA playoff match between the Dallas Mavericks and the Los Angeles Clippers.

    The Anta Kai 1 "Playoff" pack includes two colorways: "Navy Blue" and "White," which correspond to the home and away jerseys of the Mavericks, respectively. Both colorways of the shoes are primarily rendered in their namesake colors, while also featuring bright green and pink accents, which have appeared in two of the previous three versions of the Kai 1.

    A golden heel stabilizer provides continuity to the two sneakers, with the "White" version featuring an American native-style woven pattern that matches the "Artist on the Court" version released in March.
    Since Kyrie Irving signed with Anta, every iteration of the Kai 1 has sold out, making it one of the hottest products in the basketball world this year, alongside the Adidas AE 1 and the Harden Vol. 8.

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  8. Anta KAI 1 Collection

    Kyrie Irving, as the Chief Creative Officer and spokesperson for the ANTA brand, has worn multiple colorways of the ANTA KAI 1 series during NBA games. Here is information about these colorways:

    "Artist on Court": This is the inaugural colorway of the Kyrie Irving generation by ANTA and is one of the styles worn by Irving during NBA games.

    "SneakerVerse": It is reported that Irving wore a colorway named "Kyrie Universe (KAIverse)" in a game, which is primarily silver with colorful gradient patterns on the midsole. The inspiration for this colorway seems to be related to the cosmos.

    "Mavericks Home Colorway": There is currently no specific information indicating that Irving has worn a KAI 1 shoe named "Mavericks Home Colorway" in an NBA game. However, there is a colorway inspired by the Mavericks' away jersey, featuring blue details and an elaborate woven pattern.

    "Mavericks Away Colorway": As mentioned, there is a colorway inspired by the Mavericks' away

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  9. Anta Gordon Hayward GH5 - Dual Buffs

    Time flies, and it feels like Gordon Hayward's visit to China and the launch of the GH4 were just a short while ago.

    ANTA has made significant progress in a short period, from the GH4 to the Surge 5, Surge 5 Pro, and then to the Kyrie 1, demonstrating rapid growth in the design and performance of basketball shoes. The design of the GH5 is inspired by video games, which aligns with the gaming interests of its spokesperson, Gordon Hayward. The shoe retains the ascending ANTA logo and a sense of speed. The GH5 features a widened forefoot and the addition of TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) to enhance stability.

    Despite its lightweight nature, the shoe's technical specifications, such as full-length nitrogen technology and carbon fiber plates, have been preserved. The color scheme of the shoe is inspired by the health and mana bars in games, symbolizing energy and magic, giving one a feeling of confidence both in gaming and on the basketball court. The shoe is extremely light

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  10. Anta Kyrie Irving Playoffs KAI 1

    The NBA has officially entered the playoffs, and Kyrie Irving is leading the Dallas Mavericks in their charge towards the O'Brien Cup! To this end, Anta has specially crafted two pairs of playoff-themed colorways for the KAI 1 to accompany Kyrie on his playoff journey.

    **Home Colorway**: A pristine white upper paired with royal blue, which easily brings to mind the blue ocean of the Dallas Mavericks' home court. In fact, as early as the tail end of the regular season, Kyrie had already donned these boots and delivered a spectacular left-handed game-winning shot. The woven texture on the toe cap continues the design of the original colorway but with a color scheme adjusted to better resonate with the body of the shoe. The Kyrie shield on the tongue is covered in a shiny gold, representing the O'Brien Cup that every player aspires to. Not only blue and white, but green is also a very important representative color for the Mavericks, and this time it is arranged in the details, playing a supportive role effectively. The Kyrie codes on the body and heel are all present, adding highlights to the detailed design.

    In terms of technology, it features a full-length midsole nitrogen technology + carbon fiber midfoot plate + large area TPU support wrap + upper straps, still the guard shoe model that Kyrie loves most. The pure white outsole is clean and crisp, with considerable texture depth, enhancing wear resistance and lifespan.

    If Kyrie at home is a master at igniting fans' emotions, then Kyrie on the road is an unadulterated "silencer," often delivering game-winning shots that leave the opposing fans speechless.

    **Away Colorway**: The shoe body is covered in the Mavericks' traditional away navy blue. The toe cap texture still adjusts the colors, with a focus on highlighting red and green. The golden Kyrie shield has a metallic texture, exuding a full noble temperament. The gradient TPU, golden Anta logo, and body hidden pattern all continue the design of the home colorway. The green

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