After entering the year 2023, Anta has seen a comprehensive explosion in the field of basketball shoes. Not only has it welcomed the addition of Kyrie Irving, but the arrival of new designers such as Da Zhou has also revitalized Anta's mid-range basketball shoe products. Today, Anta has introduced a very noteworthy mid-range new product, which is the pair of Zap 1 ESG versions we will introduce today.

The Zap 1 ESG version features a brand-new recyclable eco-friendly material design, which not only brings more toughness but also greatly enhances the overall texture of the shoes. The color schemes exposed this time all adopt a variety of color elements on the upper part, and Anta has also adopted a rendering + contrasting color process. The tongue of the Zap 1 ESG version is also designed with Anta's own brand logo pattern.

It is worth mentioning that the Anta brand logo pattern on this pair of shoes has adopted a brand-new interpretation method, allowing us to see the trend of Anta basketball shoes shifting towards a trendy style in the future. It has to be said that the large-area TPU module on the front of the Zap 1 ESG version and the design of Anta's brand logo are really well-handled. It is definitely one of the most eye-catching parts of the shoes' appearance.

To a certain extent, it also enhances the overall support performance of the shoes, preventing them from flipping over in actual combat. The midsole of the Anta Zap 1 ESG version adopts an embedded nitrogen technology design, which is enough to ensure the shock absorption requirements of the shoes in actual combat.